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Thursday, September 13, 2012

olivieramar replied to your photo: Sweat stain. Anyways listen, so i have a problem….

I’d wait and get the new Google Nexus next month. It will be better than the S3. To be honest, the current Nexus is better than the S3 too (apart from the camera).

I can’t, i only have 2 weeks to replace this phone. Why do you think the nexus is better? The siii has a super fast dual core processor, and the razer does too tbh, but as far as I know only the new phones have a comp this powerful/fast

Thursday, July 12, 2012

olivieramar replied to your photo: It’s almost 4 am rn, but im at gym cause my race…

Stupid question, if you’re trying to drop 20lbs, isn’t building muscle counterproductive?

No… because muscle burns calories when you’re sedentary. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn while not working out.

And it’s not like anybody is going to weigh me… i don’t even know what I weigh. I just need to LOOK like I’ve dropped 20 lbs. Putting on muscle won’t make me look fatter.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

olivieramar replied to your post: 

1. Right I forgot you have a thing for siblings screwing. This is a good excuse to take it up 2. You’re planning in advance. You throw in a rich kid that’s into gaming and he’ll buy it. 3. The B&V Lands on Water.

1. ngl, you caught me. whatever, i’ll just close my eyes and pretend i’m a lanester. 

2. a rich kid into gaming, IF you could find one, is probably too much of an asshole to co-operate. Gamers are assholes, rich kids are assholes, combine the two and you get a mega asshole.

3. I don’t believe you. prove it.

olivieramar replied to your post: 

1. You still haven’t solved the fertility problem. 2. We could buy an old Blohm & Voss BV 222 which can take up to 100 people. Plus using a German WWII plane to actually save people that aren’t German gets you bonus Points.

1. in a survival situation, nothing wrong with fucking a cousin or two.

2. no we can’t, where would we get that money pre-apocalypse? no one is going to believe us zombies are going to overrun the cities until they actually do, and by then the billionaires are going to be eaten. Plus you cant land a plane like that on a deserted island, its not possible. You have no ground, no runway. You need one of those smaller ones capable of landing on water.

olivieramar replied to your post: yo, that’s a really good zombie apocalypse plan. …

It needs more women. Without proper medical facilities and taking into non-aided fertility rates, you couldn’t repopulate quickly enough without having cousins sleep with cousins in a couple of generations. You need 50 people. 35 women, 15 men.

50 people won’t fit on a small plane. and commercial grade airliners are inaccessible because the airports are going to be overrun with zombies almost certainly. so that’s not possible.

So here’s the plan…

olivieramar replied to your post: I spend entirely too much time planning my survival strategy for a hypothetical zombie apocalypse.

This will cover you.…

That’s useful too… but i’ve been thinking more about the grander scheme of things.

There’s a string of deserted panama islands. 

And zombies can’t swim, right? 

So I’m thinking, small plane, reserve fuel, 10-12 other people, 6 of them sexy so we can at least fuck to pass the time when we’re bored, at least one of them a doctor, and at least 2 of them army special forces vets, and we all go to one of these. 

Oh and get a bunch of anti venom for most of the indigenous snakes and spiders to the region. 

A few hunting rifles, a few m60s, a war’s worth of amo, and we’d be good to go. 

I know how to start a fire with two sticks and build a shelter from random shit, cause I watch a lot of discovery channel.

And if you know what to stay away from, the food in that region is PLENTIFUL, you could sustain yourself for the remainder of your natural lives, and we could also begin to repopulate if you know what i mean.

I could go on if you like, but methinks ya’ll will think i’m weird for thinking about this to the elaborate detail that I have.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

olivieramar replied to your post:

The page has been deleted..

aww shit, i shoulda screencapped it first. it was hilarious. her name is svetlana and she’s a product of russia and brazil, a ~brazilian goddess~ who loves video games and blah blah. made me want to pat her on the head.

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