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"keto diet"
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

lolsteraas answered your question: attention keto dieters… we need to talk.

You don’t need as low as 20, try something less ambitious, say 40. Also, are you even hungry at breakfast? It’s the easiest meal to dodge

Are you sure 40? Why is it all the keto forums and blogs seem to insist on 20g as the cap/goal for ketosis to occur? Will 40g still begin the ketone process?

And I don’t really eat breakfast. I eat err “brunch.” But then I need a small meal as a snack before my workout, which is usually leftovers from half of my brunch. Then after my workout I have dinner.

attention keto dieters… we need to talk.

So i’ve been trying to convert to keto for several days now, (a paleo version of keto since i’ve been living as paleo for a couple months now but reached standstill in the weightloss) but i’m finding it imposible to keep under 20g of carbs a day.

Like today, for example, i made curry for breakfast and just the vegetables i used (spinach, peas, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions etc) alone came out to be over 20g of carbs. I’m going to try to spread that curry out over 2 meals and then just have plain steak for dinner, but that’s no way to live. I need my vegetables and my salads.

I’m honestly surprised how much sugar and carbs are found in veggies cause i never read labels that carefully before. How do you deal with vegetables to still come under 20g of carbs a day? Just… how?

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