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Tuesday, October 2, 2012
Tw: Verbal assault, sexual assault, sexual violence: Both Sides Now: I debated whether or not to share this story.




Protip: A “nice guy” doesn’t call a woman a cunt because she wants to be left alone. A “nice guy” doesn’t say that a woman should let anyone talk to her at any time (even if she’s busy or wanting to be left alone) and welcome it because “society considers her generally attractive” and he doesn’t feel generally handsome by society. A “nice guy” doesn’t feel like he’s owed anything just because he’s shy and actually had the courage to talk to a girl, despite not taking into consideration that she’s reading or not interested in being bothered by a stranger.

TL;DR: “Nice guys” don’t exist. If you were a nice person, you’d just be a nice person. STFU otherwise.

i can’t believe he called himself a nice guy and then proceeded to call her one of the worst names you can call a lady 

doesn’t he see the fucking irony 

I don’t think he can see anything past that curtain of self-pitying tears he’s pouring all over the internet.

Seriously, what these smart peeps said.  Nice guys don’t refer to themselves as nice guys.  They just treat people nicely.  If you need to tell the internet that you’re a nice guy, you aren’t.  Especially if you follow that up by referring to women as cunts.  That’s like telling people you’re not a racist and then reacting to supposed insults from black people by calling them the N word.  

i’m cosigning this.

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    This stuff happens ALL the time and I’m willing to bet there are soo many men who’ve read this and thought it was...
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    Idk what I would do if that ever happened to me.
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    Hard to read, but very important. This is appalling.
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