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Friday, June 22, 2012

@black guys…. why do you love deadpool so much?

I’m just super curious. It’s like some unwritten law that every black guy’s favorite superhero is deadpool. Every single one. All political correctness aside, I need to know why. Important information. Tyia.

  1. the-urban-prince answered: probably because of his pop-culture refrences, thats kinda urban centric. to tell you the truth i’m kinda indifferent to the character.
  2. bitches-love-teddy-grahams answered: because he’s fucking hilarious
  3. lazyandtired93 answered: …hes the unhibited mother fucker using guns and samurai swords we love japanese stuff too. dont know hes just awesome
  4. sexy-bodies answered: I’m not black and he’s my favorite!
  5. justinpoole answered: Also, why do black people like Tyler Perry movies? I know that they dont really think they are funny!
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